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Here at ACM, we follow a two-way matching principle throughout our Admissions processes.

We give you plenty of opportunity to show us the best of what you have, and we allow you to discover and explore the best of what we have, in return.

Step 1

Choose your preferred course and complete the form provided.

Step 2

Review our preparatory materials whilst you wait for your invite to Audition / Interview.

Step 3

Attend an Audition / Interview, visit our world-class facilities and experience all that ACM has to offer.

Every applicant to ACM will have their suitability assessed in a variety of ways and will be asked to attend an on-site audition / interview, as appropriate. Full preparatory materials will be sent to you upon confirmation of your audition.

Your audition / interview will be an enjoyable experience so you should not feel at all nervous. The candidates you are applying alongside are just like you and we are most certainly NOT looking for perfection. In fact, perfection, especially in the arts, is something that you are always on the road towards but will never achieve as your own standards grow with you, so don’t set yourself that impossible bar, now. Instead, rest assured that we are looking for those people with passion and potential. We’re looking for diamonds in the rough. We’re looking for people who are ready to learn.

If you’re a musician who needs to brush up on your sight reading, that’s ok. We’ll give you support with that. Or maybe you’re a future business exec who gets nervous about presentations? That’s ok, too. We’ll give you coaching to make it better. We’ll go above and beyond in our efforts to widen participation in every way possible, for as long as you show strength of character and commitment to your studies.

Your audition day will also serve as an opportunity to discover and experience all that ACM has to offer. Your access-all-areas pass to our town-centre campus (comprising professional practice and recording facilities, a world-class teaching faculty, a brand new Student Union and a dedicated Industry-Link department for professional and career development) gives you plenty to look forward to.

You’ll meet other candidates, experience what learning in our unique environment is like through meeting our world-class lecturers and, depending on your chosen study discipline, you will be asked to perform a musical piece, play us some of your best work and/or speak to us about your career aspirations.

Musician candidates may be questioned in the area of musical notation including note names, pitches, intervals, rhythms, key signatures, chords, dynamics and other performance markings.

We’ll provide plenty more information to candidates at the appropriate time and reasonable adjustments to our admissions processes are available to those people who require them for reasons of accessibility.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 01483 500 841 or emailing