Be part of a creative community whilst on your journey of personal, professional and academic development towards your own creative industries futures.

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Benchmark your current sector knowledge and transferable skills, gained either through your undergraduate programme, or in your early to mid-career in order to influence the jobs of the future. On this programme, you will engage in:

Critical Review of Your Professional Skills. You will identify and fill skills gaps in line with your specific career aspirations with our professional and academic mentors and your masters peer group. This will boost your confidence by being able to clearly articulate the value, knowledge and skills you can bring to any creative role or work project.

Applied Research Project. You will investigate opportunities for creative practice-based research with tangible outcomes such as a new catalogue of work, a proof of concept, a minimum viable product or a provocation and disruption to ‘business as usual’ practice. This will demonstrate your leadership and specialist knowledge at the forefront of different working contexts and intersecting professional boundaries.

Collaborative Problem Solving Gym. You and your peers will apply your creative competences to propose innovative solutions for different industry sectors in a series of ‘quickfire’ ideas into action’ challenges. This will fine-tune your active listening, collaborative and influencer skills and develop the entrepreneurial mindset required for contemporary creative work.

Building and Managing a Community. You will connect, convince and capture the commitment of individuals as audiences, customers, communities of interest, subscribers or investors. This will highlight your effective communication skills and amplify the value and impact of your creative work and projects.

Professional Practice Peer Group. You will understand the principles of lifelong learning through continuing professional development and the importance of peer dialogue and thought leadership. You will encounter diverse personal and professional experiences, attitudes and behaviours at professional networking events including at ACM’s very own, Metropolis Studios. This will enable you to appreciate that the creative industries and the external environment in which they operate are constantly changing. Maintaining professional relationships, adapting to new people or projects and learning ‘on the job’ are essential to all of our careers. You are acknowledged as peers by tutors, mentors and supervisors as they require you to also acknowledge industry professionals as peers regardless of their creative industries working context.

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MA/MSc Creative Industries Futures

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Middlesex University

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Full timeBlended

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1 Year full-time

Enrolling now for a September 2023 or January 2024 start!

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